TBOR no longer accepting paper checks for Annual Dues payments

TBOR no longer accepting paper checks for Annual Dues payments

We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to inform you about an important update regarding our payment methods. As part of our commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing convenience for both our members and our team, we will be transitioning away from accepting paper checks for annual dues payments.

After careful consideration and in alignment with the practices of industry leaders such as NAR (National Association of Realtors) and WY Realtors, we have decided to fully embrace electronic payment methods. This decision is driven by the numerous benefits that electronic payments offer, including improved efficiency, faster processing times, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced security.

So starting with the 2024 annual dues season, we will no longer be able to accept paper checks as a form of payment. We kindly request your cooperation in making this transition as smooth as possible. Going forward, we encourage you to utilize our electronic payment options to ensure seamless and timely transactions. Our electronic payment methods include:

Credit/Debit Card Payments: We accept payments via major credit and debit cards through our online payment system – Visa, Mastercard and American Express. This option provides flexibility and ease of use.

Electronic Checks: we will accept an electronic check. This method does require a driver’s license.  It will ask for the MICR number: it is on the bottom left of a check and identifies the bank branch that it is issued from, the account number of the payer and the number of the account holders check in a consecutive series.  From the left, the line displays the following information: the nine character routing number of the bank, the 12 character account number that identifies the payer and the 4 character check number. (Always double check the driver’s license number you input and the complete MICR number before submitting payment)

     *enter the entire MICR number along the bottom of your check, leave out any squiggle characters or spaces..ect.  Be sure to include the entire MICR number along the bottom of the check – even your check number (even if it has already asked for that somewhere else). Type in EVERY number without spaces.

We understand that changes like these may require some adjustment, and we are here to support you throughout this transition. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding electronic payments, or if you require assistance in setting up your credit card payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the TBOR office.

We believe that this shift aligns us with modern industry practices, allowing us to better serve your needs and provide a higher level of service. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to enhance our payment processes.

BUT – there is a discount on your Annual dues if you pay in the month of October!  Everyone that pays, in full – in October – their 2024 Annual Dues, will receive a $55 discount.  Invoices will be sent to you on Monday, October 2… Don’t miss the discount – Pay in October!

To make your 2024 Annual dues payment – visit the INFO HUB and click on the My Billing Info along the left-hand side of the screen.

NEW TBOR Requirement! Head shots must be uploaded to all Flex MLS profiles!

NEW TBOR Requirement! Head shots must be uploaded to all Flex MLS profiles!

As TBOR membership continues to grow, we’ve reached a point where many of our members may not know each other as well as they once did.  For increased security and to help strengthen our community engagement within TBOR, we are implementing this new requirement.

All Active members will be required to upload a profile picture by October 31.

New Members will be required to upload a profile picture when joining.

It’s easy! Follow the following steps – it only takes a few minutes.

  • Menu, Preferences, My Profile
  • Personal photo and Logo maintenance
  • Click on NEW button
  • Click Photo
  • Under File – click on choose file.
  • You can resize if needed.
  • Click ADD

Get your head shot uploaded today – non-compliance with this requirement will result in your membership being suspended until it’s done. 

We appreciate your cooperation in making our association safer, more secure, and more closely-knit.

Get an updated headshot at the TBOR Annual Luncheon this year!

Get an updated headshot at the TBOR Annual Luncheon this year!

It’s easy! Sign up, be sure to show up at least 5 minutes early for your time slot, and get your new photo…

It’s only $20!

Do you have your picture on your Flex MLS profile? With so many new members – we don’t always know each other. Please add a photo to Flex so we all know who we are working with.

Why have a headshot?

  • Safety issue – help others know who they are working with
  • make a great first impression
  • demonstrate your unique selling proposition
  • showcase your real estate brand properly

Convey a Professional image with confidence and leave a good impression. Use your headshot on your business cards, website and other marketing materials.

CLICK HERE to Sign Up!

July 2023 – TBOR video update

July 2023 – TBOR video update

Check out this month’s video update …

  • GIS information update
  • WY Realtors Conference – join us in Cheyenne – September 19-22
  • TBOR Board of Directors for 2024

Click here to watch video

TBOR member benefits

Do you take advantage of all your member benefits?

Forewarn app NEW!

With forewarn you can: verify and search criminal history for prospects, verify financial risks and current assets. Agents can properly and safely plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.
 click here for more info and to sign up

Sentrilock Lockboxes

click here to see some advantages.

Don’t miss your opportunity to buy lockboxes for all or some of your listings.  

We know they may not work on every listing. 

But there are some great benefits for those property listings and owners that allow for them to work.

Realtor Property Resource (RPR)

great reports using our local public data. 

click here for more info

SafeShowings app

This is a safety app for when you are out showing your listings.

REALTORS® and their loved ones feel more secure knowing that SafeShowings will automatically notify emergency contacts with identifying details and geolocation in an emergency.

check out this video for more details

Flex Support

This is your member benefit.  Their support is very friendly and helpful! Be sure to reach out with any questions.  They have great webinars and videos to find out all the best tips and tricks to help Flex work best for you.

FOREWARN app – new member benefit in 2023

New TBOR member Benefit!

We are thrilled to be launching this FREE new tool to help you stay safe in the course of your day-to-day business! Look for the email sent out today – 7/11/23 – for all the details. You can scan the QR code below to sign up with the Forewarn App.

Setting Up Your Complimentary FOREWARN Account

As a TBOR member, setting up your complimentary FOREWARN account is quick and easy!

  1. Click here and enter your email address when prompted to do so (be sure to use the same email address that this email was sent to as it will serve as your FOREWARN ‘Username’).
  2. You will receive an activation email from FOREWARN, open it and click the link as instructed. If you do not see the email, be sure to check your junk/spam folder.
    1. If you do not see the email after checking your junk of spam folder, this may be due to the fact that your account could not be setup as FOREWARN does not have your cell phone number. Please contact FOREWARN Support at 561.757.4551 to provide them with your cell phone number.
  3. You will be prompted to enter an authentication code that will have just been texted, or optionally read to you via automated call, to your phone number on file. Upon completion you will be prompted to create a password.
    1. If you are not receiving the text/call authentication code, FOREWARN may have the wrong phone number on file. Please contact FOREWARN Support at 561.757.4551 to update them with your correct cell phone number.
  4. Now you are ready to download the FOREWARN app by clicking on the appropriate link below from your mobile device, or searching for FOREWARN in the app store:

Click here from your mobile device for iOS / Apple / iPhone / iPad app

Click here from your mobile device for Android app

  1. After activating your account, you can also log into your FOREWARN account from any web browser via the FOREWARN.com homepage (click ‘Sign In’ at top-right) or via this link: https://app.forewarn.com/


Thank you to our wonderful Business Partner for sponsoring

this amazing tool for all of our TBOR members!

Call for Realtor® of the Year and Business Person of the Year nominations!

Call for Realtor® of the Year and Business Person of the Year nominations!

Do you know a Realtor® who goes above & beyond to help others, or a colleague that deserves special recognition? This is your chance to nominate that shining star for TBOR’s 2023 Realtor® of the Year!

How about a business professional who works hard for our Community?  Someone that brings people together and moves our community forward into the future?  Nominate them today for the 2023 Business Person of the Year!

The Realtor® of the Year and Business Person of the Year awards recognize outstanding leadership, accomplishments, and professionalism in our Industry and Community!

We need YOUR HELP to find those outstanding Realtors® and Business Professionals!

Nominations due by Thursday, June 29 ~ 5:00pm

2023 Realtor® of the Year nomination form

2023 Business Person of the Year nomination form

Let’s recognize those that are knowledgeable, have tenacity, positive attitudes, integrity and more…

TETON BOARD OF REALTORS®   …. working together to inspire excellence, productivity and professionalism

June TBOR update by Sam

Sam Marquis, TBOR Director, explains the MLS Clear Cooperation rule! (click above graphic to watch)

May TBOR update by Ciara

Be sure to check out the TBOR May update video by Ciara Malone! (click here)

Some highlights:

  • reimaginedhome.ai 
  • Forewarn – coming soon as a new TBOR member benefit.
  • WY Constitutional Amendment – to create a 4th tier for Residential property in our real property tax system. The Amendment needs to be approved by the voters in           November of 2024.
  •  NAR grants for translation services. There’s opportunities for $1000-$5000 grants through their DEI grant program.
  • ChatGPT – check it out, but always review what it creates for you – you know the rules, it may not.
  • Check out – competition.realtor … good info to share with your clients.
    • While NAR fights legal challenges to pro-competitive, pro-consumer local broker marketplaces, you can educate your community. It is imperative that right now, REALTORS® do all they can to communicate that reality every day in all the conversations they have and channels at their disposal. While NAR’s legal team is helping the association win in a court of law, the association asks members to play their part to help win in the court of public opinion.